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Sustainable services

Sustainable Services

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Nowadays everybody is aware of the global warming, carbon footprint, pollution, deforestation and the running low natural resources. More often than ever, we get message about the climate change and the corresponding treats for different regions around the world.

Accordingly to the UN Secretary “One third of the world population will be living in regions facing severe water scarcity by the year of 2025”.

UK has less fresh water, than most of the European countries.

A commercial car wash uses between 32-150 l of water /accordingly to The EEA - European Environment agency /

If we take the above fact under consideration and try to estimate the water wasted for a single car wash of all the cars in UK /the total number of vehicles in UK is about 33 millions /, we can easily estimate that using a commercial carwash will waste about 2 700 billion liters of water, which is equal to the daily portion of drinking water of 1/3 of the Worlds population.

Those as many other disturbing facts along with our experience in the automotive business, are where the idea for Eco Drift Waterless car wash was born. We believe that this way, we could set up an example for Green alternatives within the industry.

Eco Drift uses 100 % biodegradable, eco friendly and petroleum free products.

Eco drift will clean, shine and protect a single car using no more than 7 oz of water.

Thanks to the unique cleaning formula we use and the special Eco Drift approach, we could provide our service in any place and anytime. Our method for cleaning cars, do not produce waste and do not require a lot of space. Eco Drift is a waterless, hassle free, eco car cleaning service.

Our service is cutting down the waste of water and energy and reduces the carbon emissions.

Each Eco Drift carwash saves about 700 glasses of water, which could quench the thirst of 700 kids in UK or elsewhere in the world.

Catch the Eco Drift!

About Us

Eco Drift is a Portsmouth based company, offering the Ultimate car wash and valeting services, tailor made to the requirements of our clients. We are delivering a high quality service, provided by professional and dedicated team, using only 100% biodegradable, petroleum free, waterless car cleaning products, which ensure spotless cars with minimum water waste, significantly longer lasting shining effect and protection against UV and other nasties, at a reasonable price.